Create Your Own Content - Altoona Library offers new and exciting Creation Lab!

Something new and exciting is happening at the Altoona Area Public Library. On the second floor, overlooking the adult circulation desk below, there is a glass room unlike anything we have ever had at the Library. This room, dubbed the Creation Lab, is filled with some of the latest technology for doing something revolutionary for a public library—creating content!

Traditionally libraries have always been places where people can come and enjoy the content created by others. You could read a book, written by someone else, rent a movie, filmed by someone else, or watch a YouTube video on the public computers, uploaded by someone else. Now for the first time at AAPL with our new Creation Lab you can be the one to create the content. Of course we know that people have been creating their own content for years, and the internet has helped spread those creations. We want to help facilitate that creativity, by giving people the software and technology that they might not be able to afford on their own.

Through a grant that was awarded to the Library by the Library Services and Technology Act, we were able to furnish our Creation Lab with over $20,000 worth of technology, software, and equipment. With this technology you could film yourself as if you were in front of the Taj Mahal with the use of our green screen, or make a how-to video with our cameras and Final Cut Pro. You could also create your own music and record a song with our Blue Yeti microphone and synthesizer. You could even design a new invention and have it printed on our Makerbot 3D printer. The possibilities are endless.

Come in and give it a try. You can rent the room on our website under the services tab and then Creation Lab. The room is free to rent for up to three hours, all you need is a library card, a credit card for collateral, and be at least 14 years old. We look forward to seeing you there, and wish you luck on your next creation!


Joshua McConnell