Creation Lab


Get creative with the Altoona Area Public Library in our new Creation Lab.  The Lab is open to any person above the age of 14 with an Altoona Library card.  Record a video and post it on YouTube, record an original song on our synthesizer, or design something to be printed on our Makerbot 3D printer -- the only limit is your imagination.


The Creation Lab features a green screen, studio lighting, three cameras and several tripods which can be used inside the Lab to create professional-quality videos or pictures.  After you are done recording, you can use two Mac Desktop Pro computers equipped with Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Photoshop and Aperture to edit your video or pictures.


Explore your musical talent in the Creation Lab.  Record tunes and vocals on our synthesizer and Blue Yeti microphone, and then edit the track using Garage Band on one of our Mac Desktop Pro computers.  


Reserving The room

Creation Lab Policy 

To reserve a three-hour timeslot in the Creation Lab, fill out the reservation form with the dates and times you prefer to use the lab and a short description of what you will be creating in the lab.  Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis, but staff will do their best to accommodate your request.

On the day of your reservation, bring a valid photo ID, an Altoona library card (if you don’t have one, we will sign you up for one), a credit card,  We will ask you to sign an agreement form.  If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must be present to sign the form for you.

Rent the Room using the form at the bottom of this page.


For more information, email or call Elin Woods at 814-946-0417 extension 133 or Josh McConnell at extension 161.


Room Rental Form

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