Outreach Services

The purpose of the Altoona Area Public Library's Outreach Services department is to address a growing need in the community of eliminating the barriers that prohibit specific groups' abilities to access traditional library services during regular business hours. These groups include the elderly, children in day care, families in low income housing, and children attending Head Start. The children in child care, Head Start, and low income housing are visited regularly by a library employee to ensure that they are exposed to library story times, academic resources, and recreational reading materials. The residents at the Blair Tower may participate in a reading discussion group at their building, facilitated by a library staff member. In addition, a variety of library materials are made available to residents on a weekly basis.

When the Altoona Area Public Library first began offering Outreach Services to the community in September of 2003, there were five sites being visited on a regular basis.  During the 2011 program year, this number encompassed 49 sites, including preschool, school-aged, homebound and elderly patrons, who receive literary materials or programs. The Altoona community response has been so positive that the number of visited sites continues to grow, making it possible for an ever expanding population to access educational and recreational library materials and become life-long library users.