Test Proctoring

Policy for Proctoring Exams

The Altoona Library will provide proctoring services for students. For a fee, a librarian with a Master's Degree will be available to serve as proctor.

Students desiring this service must contact the Library and schedule an appointment with one of the qualified librarians.

It is the student's responsibility to contact the learning institution and arrange to have the exam sent to the Library. Please provide enough time to have the proctor fill out and submit the paperwork requested by the learning institution. Several days to a week of notice is prefered for scheduling. 

The Library will:

  • Provide a proctor
  • Verify the student’s ID
  • Administer the exam according to the learning institution's instructions
  • Time the exam and collect the exam materials
  • Return the exam to the learning institution

The Library cannot:

  • Provide a private room for the exam
  • Provide postage or envelopes for returning the exam

The student should:

  • Schedule the exam in advance
  • Provide a photo ID to the proctor
  • Bring their own pencils, paper, calculator, etc.
  • Pay fee before taking the exam
  • Pay for postage if the institution does not prepay

The fee for proctoring is $20.00 for exams up to 2 hours long, and $10.00 per hour for each additional hour needed to complete the testing.