Table of Contents
  Officers and first official acts. 
  Agriculture, Saw and Grist mills and distilleries.
   Other manufactures of early days.
  Slavery in Blair County.
  Great thoroughfare and Blair County's part in it.
  Churches of the county.
  History of Altoona.
  Assessed Valuation of Altoona.
  The relative wealth of the wards as shown in 1895.
  Dates of Important Events in Altoona.
  Railroads of Altoona.

   Statistical of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
  Business and Resources of Altoona,
  Manufacturing interests.
  Transportation, light,  Etc.
  Pennsylvania Railroad Shops at Altoona.
  The Juniata Locomotive shops.
  Officers Pennsylvania Railroad Co., 1896
  Other Industries of Altoona.
  Big Things of Altoona.
    Hollidaysburg dates.
    Tyrone newspapers.
  Roaring Spring.
  Tipton, Fostoria and Grazierville.
  The Future of Blair County.
  Places of Interest which Visitors to Blair  County should See.
  1846- LITTLE BLAIR.  1896.
  How the Semi-Centennial was celebrated.
  The Address of Hon. Daniel J. Neff, Welcoming to the Celebration  the Guests of the Bar Association.
  Address of Hon. Aug. S. Landis, History of the Bar of Blair County.