Dear Friend:

Recently, the Altoona Area School District presented the Service to Education Award to the Altoona Area Public Library verifying that the library is considered a valued educational asset in our community.

What does the library mean to you? Many would say that the library has been a source of educational materials or materials for pure reading enjoyment. Several would say the library has provided an opportunity for them to connect to the world in intangible ways by accessing the internet on our public computers. Some would offer that the library provided them with an opportunity to connect with others socially in classes, programs, or clubs. And for some, the library has been a truly steadfast, life-changing entity.

Here’s what the library means to your neighbors:

“The Altoona Area Public Library has so much more than the thousands of books and periodicals you see when you walk through the doors. There are activities, classes, and special events for all ages. As a volunteer in the reference department, I now know that there is a wealth of information available on microfilm. Many folks use this for their genealogy searches.  As always, experienced staff are available and pleased to help you with your research.” – Mary Leap

“Our library is a dynamic and ever changing resource for the community, one which is underutilized by many individuals. I truly feel that my life would be greatly diminished without the Altoona Area Public Library and the enriching benefits that it and its staff provide to the community.” – Randy Bickel

I invite you to help the library continue to make a difference. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Altoona Area Public Library which can be mailed using the tear-off portion below, by using the PayPal button on our website, or by setting up an automatic monthly withdrawal from your checking or savings account.

Thank you for being a loyal library supporter.


Jennifer Knisely
Executive Director

If the library is important to you too and you would like to be a supporter, please click the donation button below.